Companies try to recycle all waste, send nothing to landfill – 


There’s no national tally of companies or organizations that have achieved zero-landfill status, but reports of success are increasing.

  • General Motors said this month that 81 of its manufacturing plants earned this designation and that it recycles 92% of the waste generated by its facilities worldwide.
  • Toyota reported in November “near zero landfill status” at its North American manufacturing plants. Spokeswoman Cindy Knight says the plants divert an average of 96% of their waste from landfills, and nine of the 14 divert 100%.
  • Honda Motor said in July that 10 of its 14 North American plants had zero-waste operations.

Sounds like progress, no?

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The Costa Rica Consensus 


Foreign Policy in Focus - 

Nobel laureate and former president of Costa Rica Oscar Arias has found a way to equip billions of children with laptops, and to train their teachers in how to use these. All without raising taxes anywhere in the world.


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aseaofquotes:Hermann Hesse, Demian


Hermann Hesse, Demian

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molls:hellogiggles:How To Be Cool In High School: ON COOLNESSby Alex BlaggAlex Blagg   HelloGiggles = 2 GOOD 2 
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… .so I read this piece in the New York Times about parents who publish their kids’ books. As an author and a person who likes the internet and new media things, this sort of thing interests me a lot. But I did get a strange, queasy feeling about it that I wanted to parse a bit. Let me say a…

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carrotcreative:Bikes on bikes on bikes  (Taken with instagram)


Bikes on bikes on bikes (Taken with instagram)

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lauren-mh:ink and conte crayon


ink and conte crayon

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New Spaces: A Virtual Tour


Since Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011, visitors have been experiencing ASI and the Turnblad Mansion in a whole new way! Come along with a group and see the newly renovated areas of the American Swedish Institute’s campus…

These visitors have just entered through the new link, and after checking in at the reception desk, they are ready to start their tour by heading down to the Mansion’s lower level. They decide to use the new elevator, located in the new link between the Mansion, Carriage House, and what will be the Nelson Cultural Center.

The first thing they see when they exit the elevator on the lower level is the Posten Window. The window was originally part of Swan Turnblad’s office building in downtown Minneapolis, where the newspaper Svenska Amerikanska Posten (The Swedish American Post) was printed. Between 1983 and 2011, the window was located in the small courtyard between the Carriage House and the Mansion. The group is excited to see the window in such a prominent place for all to see!

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coverspy:Pulphead, John Jeremiah Sullivan (F, 20s, talking about seeing apartments with boyfriend, G train)


Pulphead, John Jeremiah Sullivan (F, 20s, talking about seeing apartments with boyfriend, G train)

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